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Lingual Games

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All Lingual Games will be designed to be cross platform and available to enjoy offline.

Lingual Games for Schools

Supports curriculum-based language learning, providing a valuable resource for educators to supplement classroom instruction.

Lingual Games as an adult

Supports lifelong learning by offering an enjoyable platform that gives adults a chance to learn the languages and vocabulary they are interested in.

Why learn a language with Lingual Games?

Learning a new language can be a daunting task, but studies have shown that learning through games can be an effective aid. Games are not only engaging and fun but also provide a low-stress environment where learners can practice their language skills in a natural way.

Research has shown that using games in language learning can have positive effects on motivation, attention, and cognitive function. Games also provide opportunities for learners to practice in a simulated real-world environment, where they can make mistakes without fear of embarrassment or failure. This helps learners build confidence and feel more comfortable using the language in real-life situations.

At the same time, games can provide instant feedback, which is essential for effective language learning. Immediate feedback helps learners correct their mistakes and reinforce their knowledge, leading to more effective learning.

Research Studies into education through games

Learn with confidence

Make real improvements, get real results. Be prepared for real-world interactions by building solid foundations. Some of many recent studies below which show the benefits of learning using different gaming formats.

Join a growing number of language learners using games.

A new language learning platform for all levels of learners.

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Introducing the "fast paced" language learning game that takes you on a thrilling journey of comprehension and vocabulary building. With our games, learn ANY language that you are interested in! Through building up speed in converting short words and phrases through sight and sound you will be able to gather the essential skills for real world scenarios and be able to switch back and forth between languages in a much more effective manner.

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Save the world from extinction whilst learning a language! This game is designed to help you think fast, learn quickly, and stay engaged. Destroy the asteroids before they reach the ground and we go the way of the dinosaurs. Grow your library with the vocabulary you are interested in learning as you become more comfortable. With each level increase you will learn how to efficiently and quickly think in both languages creating a highly effective language learning tool.

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Why build these games?

By drawing from personal experiences, we recognized the limitations of traditional home-taught methods when it came to acquiring a new language. Identifying a common struggle, our team embarked on creating Lingual Games—a platform designed to address these challenges and cater to the needs of language learners everywhere. Our mission is to provide a solution that empowers individuals who are currently facing similar difficulties, offering them a comprehensive and enjoyable language learning experience.

Does this method work?

Numerous studies have highlighted the positive impact of game-based learning on language acquisition. Research indicates a positive correlation between game-based approaches and the students acquisition of a new language compared to traditional instructional methods.

What makes it effective

Games offer an engaging and enjoyable approach to language learning.Numerous studies have highlighted the positive impact of game-based learning on language acquisition. Research indicates that learners who engage in language games demonstrate higher motivation, increased engagement, and enhanced language skills compared to traditional instructional methods. They create a low-stress environment for natural language practice, boosting motivation and cognitive function.

Where can I download the games?

Coming soon to all platforms.


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